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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random four (March and April editions)

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I attempted to start a new way of documenting the little things in my family's life with a monthly post called "random 4". I wanted to quickly list 4 things that each family member was into that month.

I was doing well for the first two months and then everything kinda fell all over the place when news of the family business closing.

I still wanted to continue this documentation so I'm cramming both March and April into one edition today. I feel that if I focus on the good things that are going one, the bad ones will seem easier to bear.

Ok so here goes....


1. His body, mind and soul is focused on getting the shop finalized. I feel so bad for him because he is so disheartened about the whole thing.
2. He is also busy keeping up with his two callings at church (Sunday school teacher and Elder's Quorum second councilor)
3. He continues to do p90x (on those days that he has some spare time)
4. He is strong in his faith (and I admire him for that)


1. March and April came in and out like a blur to me. It was a time to reflect on my faith and ability to take courage despite of trials.
2. I am so wanting this right now. I know this is the least of my concern right now but some type of normalcy brings me hope.
3. Reading this.
4. I have packed up most of my scrapbook supplies and working with bare minimums after years of having everything out for me to play with has become a struggle. But I'm dealing with it. :)


1. Because of everything that has transpired, Marcus no longer does Karate. I was surprised that he was not sad at all about this.
2. Is working really hard at school.
3. Has become very addicted to his Nintendo DS. Something that him and I fight about all the time.
4. He has become very talkative. During Spring break, I spent a lot of time with him and I've noticed that this boy likes to TALK! He talks about his DS game, his never ending desire to have a pet and his concerns about our move/transition.


1. This girl is addicted to playing games online. Every time I'm on the computer, she's right there asking me if it's her turn to play. Her favorites- PBS kids, Build a bear, tinkerbell and playhouse disney.
2. She has made major strides at school. Her teacher enjoys her artwork because she really takes her time to make it perfect. She even amazed everyone at school when she knew some rainforest animals that the other kids didn't know about.
3. The sassiness continues to live on. She carries her emotions on her sleeve. Enough said!
4. Her prayers are definitely sweet to hear. I love that she takes her time and think about what she really wants to tell her Heavenly Father about. I love that the simple gospel teachings like eternal families and Christ's sacrifice for us has stuck with her.

the pictures above were all taken one Sunday morning before church. We each had our Easter outfits on.

and here's the whole gang......

It would've been perfect have it not for all the cables in the background. Note to self- do a sit down family photo next time. :)

Have a great day everyone and till next time,

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hannie said...

It is good to see that you took the time to record down your random 4 which I'm sure you are going scrapbook it, can't wait to see the whole thing come together actually.