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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Recap 2010

We're taking a little break from the projects post to recap our Easter activities.

The kids usually get the Friday before Easter off. Their school district always gives them an extra day of Spring break. The kids love it and I love it too.

And since my Saturday (before Easter) would be very busy with work, we decided to color our eggs that Friday.

As usual, we bought our eggs at Costco (the 18 pc pack) and then got a coloring kit at Target. The kit only gave us three colors/tablets and it seemed like even with vinegar, we only had one vibrant color that came out.

but as predicted, the kids didn't care (only Mom cares about such details) and loved dipping the eggs in each bowl. The kit included a little wire egg dipper but knowing the kids and how they've become very competitive with each other, I decided to just toss the dipper even before they came in the kitchen. We didn't need anymore unnecessary fights in this activity.

After they colored their eggs, they decorated it with stickers. Marcus' hands were completely covered with dye. Mitch was telling me that when he took a nap that afternoon, he laid his head on one of his hands and when he woke up, he had a big green handmark on his face. Funny!

Then on Sunday, after watching General Conference, the kids had an egg hunt at Grandma Tolman's house.

Marcus and Maddie was looking forward to this time. I can tell that Maddie is growing up because she didn't use to be this excited about the egg hunt. But I think this year she has fully understood the concept of it. Plus not to mention, that she is such a chocoholic that the idea of getting more candies is a very "good" thing.

And away he goes...There's no stopping this boy, even if Mom's right there in his tracks with the camera.

lately, Maddie has been a very good camera model. She actually looks in the camera and gives me a great shot. Love this one!

So that's it. How was your Easter?

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