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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Maddie is 4!

Ok this is quite the late post being that Maddie turned 4 on Sunday but that is my life. There are things that gets pushed to the side... i.e. Blogging!


So our little diva turned four on Sunday. She's been very excited about this day. It seemed like it was a whole month that all you can hear from her was that she wanted this...or that....or this....or that.....for her birthday. Most of them she lovingly called "her favorite things!" I wonder when it'll hit her that Mommy can't BUY all of those "favorite things"!

Being that her day fell on the last day of General Conference, we had some time to get the house ready and make some dinner to invite both sets of grandparents and my brothers. I took some shots of her out in the backyard before the guests arrived. Here's some of my faves....

then the family came. We served Enchiladas with rice and beans on the side. After that we sang to her and she made a wish. Her cake was very simple- square chocolate cake with pink strawberry frosting and sprinkles all over. This is by far the simplest cake that I've made for the kids. I was not going to be overly ambitious unlike the past years. Remember my castle cake than became more like a leaning tower of Pisa? yeah, I learned my lesson that year! LOL

Anyways, she liked her cake, the people ate it and she opened gifts. Oh boy did she had lots of them!

she had a good assortment of "beautiful things". Lolo and Lola gave her boots, Grandpa and Grandma gave her a tinkerbell costume, Uncle Gary bought her a cute outfit, George and Alleli got her a "glamour" set/pack and we bought her some fun princess jewelry and Barbie glamour set.

That night in her prayer she included how thankful and happy she was about her birthday. Especially the part of getting "all of those beautiful things!"

Oh and her most favorite item......a set of clip on barbie dangling earrings that was part of the Barbie glamour set that I got. She insists on wearing them wherever we go. She keeps on telling me that said items makes her "pretty" and that everbody will think she is "pretty" with them on! How the heck did she all of a sudden became this vain?!

I just hope she'd get out of this phase pretty soon cause I'm getting worried that she'll grow up having a self image problem.

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