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Friday, October 2, 2009

Camping trip revisited

I can't believe it's been a week since our family took a little "R and R" up in the San Bernardino mountains. Here's a recap of our weekend trip....

last weekend was the perfect time to getaway. Not only was it good for us, schedule wise but the weather up there couldn't be any nicer. It was a little warm in some areas but where we were staying, it was just perfect!

We got to our destination at around 5 pm Friday night. There was a fire alert so we weren't able to have a campfire. Bummer cause that's one of my kids' favorite part of camping. Especially the "roasting marshmallows" part. Trying not to disappoint them, we improvised by heating up the marshmallows on top of our camping stove.

Smores done on top of the camping stove ain't that bad!

After some chili and prebaked corn bread muffins for dinner. We played some Uno card games. We all won a hand except Mitch. hehehehehehe!

We didn't have much sleep since we had some noisy campground neighbors. There were a bunch of young people that were making noises, shouting and screaming till the wee hours of the night. What's very interesting is there were no forest rangers to reprimand those idiots! I was happy though, that none of the kids woke up from all the commotion. That wouldn't have been worse!

Anyways when morning came, it was quiet and we were off to a better day. Or so I thought! I was incharge of the food, planning and packing them. Well my menu for Saturday morning was bacon and pancakes. Easy enough and didn't need much ingredients to pack. One thing that I did neglect to bring was syrup! Now how can you have pancakes without syrup?! By this time, I was irritated! I already didn't have a good sleep and then I realized how dumb I am for being unprepared!

But with lots of marshmallows and chocolate left over from the night before, I decided to whip up a chocolate syrup concoction with melted marhsmallows and chocolate. It was ok. Would still prefer the maple kind over this but it sufficed and the kids got a kick out of the choco syrup.

After packing up. We headed to the lake. We carried our canoe along with all the stuff that we were going to take with us (food, towels, waterproof camera) and then headed to the only place we can launch which is not really ideal for a small boat like ours cause we were competing for space with the rest of the big boats.

I bought a one time use camera that supposedly is waterproof to take with us while we toured the lake. I didn't want to risk any injury to my baby dslr. I'll get some photos from that camera hopefully next week.

So to summarize this mini vacation of ours.... the weather cooporated, we didn't tip over and none of us drowned, had a great time with the family, will have to check this place out again and invite some friends with us because it's really a great family place minus the noisy campground neighbors and that I never,ever, ever should forget syrup again if I'm planning on making pancakes!!!

Before I go, I wanna invite local friends and family to this....

Till next time,

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Julia BSB said...

Wowohhh!!! Beautiful pictures!!!
And, Grace, I am trying hard to keep my Scrap Space as organized as yours! :D xox Julia Saddi