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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

snow trip

One thing that I've nagged Mitch about this whole season was that we NEEDED to up to see some snow! We finally took our much awaited trip today.

I was so worried that bec. it was getting warm that there won't be anymore snow when we got up there but to my surprise, Wrightwood (in Highway2) was still covered with the pretty white powder. Here's some of my fave pics....

This angled shot was actually taken by Maddie. She wanted to be the photographer too.

We played in the snow, using our big tubes to slide down the hills and make our snow man. Fun stuff!!!

the kids didn't want to leave. Marcus even wanted to take home some snow only to be disappointed that the one that he put in the water canister melted.

It's very seldom I take a picture of this two together.

and finally me, just playing around.

Happy New Year everyone,

Till next time,

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Rochelle said...

Wow!! I love the snow! I got to experience my first white Christmas last year (07). It was soo pretty to wake up to snow falling! :)