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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween fun 2015

Hi there friends. I'm taking a bit of a break from the crafty posts to share with my family some of our Halloween fun this year. 

As part of our tradition, we carved our pumpkins on Monday for Family Home Evening. We got three (one for each kid) and since Mason can't really do his, dad stepped in to help. 

Here's Marcus' wide mouthed creation.

And the results....from left to right...Mason and Dad's, Marcus, and Madelyn. Maddie was trying to create one with a winked eye but she ended up making the eyes to close together. In her attempt to make them even, she had accidentally made the eyes have a bit more of a "shocked" look than a wink.

Mason woke up from his evening nap just in time to get in him the photos....

Our Jack-o-lanterns all lit up....

The day before Halloween was our ward's Fall festival and trunk or treat activity. I decided to take a picture of the costumes before we headed to the party. I like dressing up and wearing costumes but I don't like the idea of paying $30 or more for an outfit that my kids are only going to wear once. So it's been kind of a tradition for us, during this time, to go through our clothes and then to the thrift store for some creative ways to dress up for Halloween.

Mason was a minion this year because he already had denim suspenders in his drawer. We just got the yellow top and beanie at Arc. I made him the "googles" and cut out the Gru sign from vinyl. Oh and my favorite part of this costume was that it was warm enough for him to go trick or treating in. Double points for that. :)

Mitch and I got into the spirit too by dressing up as Agent Lucy Wilde and Gru from Despicable Me. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of all three of us because Mitch was still at work when we left for the party.
 I got my dress from Arc and then I had some polka dot fabric from my stash that I sewn into a scarf.

Maddie wanted to be one of her favorite Ever After High doll character but after trying to find clothes to match at the thrift store, we were getting no where. Finally she thought of being a "goddess" instead. Luckily we found this white dress which I think is some kind of a night gown. I trimmed the bottom a little to fit her and then we added my white scarf with sequins. I think her favorite part was being able to wear liquid eye liner.

On Halloween night we had some "mummy" hot dogs for dinner and then we went trick or treating with our dear friends, the Smiths. Mason didn't take his afternoon nap so he didn't last for very long. Him and I went home early while the kids and Mitch walked for about 1 1/2 hour more.

I gave out some candy while Mason slept but I had a feeling that all the ringing of the doorbell and knocking on the door would wake him up. Sure enough, after about an hour, he woke up. :(

At least he got to see the kids dump their loot on the floor. He kept on trying to snatch their candy so we dumped his candy on the floor too, only for him to throw it everywhere.

Sorry for the long post. There are just some memories about this year's festivities that I don't want to forget.

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