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Friday, February 27, 2015

Family Update- February Edition

It's that time of the month again, where I take a moment from all of the crafty posts and share with you some of the highlights of this month for my family. Since moving away from most of our family, my blog has been a go-to place for picture and story sharing.

This month started off with visits to the doctor. I had to do a not so fun test to make sure that a procedure that I underwent in October was successful, Marcus had a procedure to correct something and Maddie had strep. No fun but we are thankful that everything is fine now and everyone is healthy. 

Also this month, we got to see my sister Gem in between her flights from Florida to Idaho. She was in Florida for work and just so happened to have a lay over at the Denver airport. Mitch didn't have work that day and the weather was nice so we decided to drive over there, see her for a bit (seriously, I don't think it was even for an hour) and then wave goodbye as she ran to catch her next flight. We got to introduce Mason to her, which was also a treat. 

We got teased by mother nature in the middle of this month with some wonderful weather. There were a couple of days were it was above 60 degrees. We took advantage of these nice days and did some family hikes. 

The first one was at the Bear Creek Regional Park

and the second one was at the Palmer Red Rock Trail

This month we found out that Marcus got into the honor roll of his middle school. So proud of him.

After all of the sun that we got in the beginning of the month, we got pelted with snow for the last couple of weeks of February. It was so bad that church even got cancelled. I know this moisture is all good for our area but I am definitely looking forward to Spring. 

As for Mason, just a couple of days ago, he turned 6 months. I can't believe our baby is already half a year old! I'm so not ready for this yet. 

Some of the things to remember this month are:
-He's a "grabber" now. He loves to grab faces, pull on the table and place mat (which causes spills) and he loves to grab on hair. Maddie and I always have to careful when we come near him because he gets a tight grip on our locks.
-He loves to eat everything, and I mean everything. We have been introducing food to him since he was 4 months old, gradually of course. But this month, at dinner, he would make noises if I'm not fast enough to serve him his spoonful of baby food. He is also very observant about what everyone puts in their mouth. He has this serious look on him every time he watches one of us put something in our mouths and if we try to tease him and bring the food towards his mouth, he gets his mouth wide open ready to taste. Will I finally get a kid that is not a picky eater? 
-When we place him on his back, he loves to lift his legs up and try to grab on his feet. He has gotten pretty good at it and at times, even try to eat his sock.

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